Electro Bingo by Microgaming

Electro Bingo online

Microgaming produces gambling games of different genres. In the portfolio of the famous software developer there are models of all kinds of categories, including several types of bingo.

Play online Electro Bingo

Electro Bingo uses sixty balls, numbered in order. In each round, thirty balls are taken out of the drum. They are selected by a random number generator. The client can use up to four cards. They contain different sets of numbers. Each ticket has fifteen numbers. You can use the same options or change them at any time.

Electro Bingo

The cost of the cards is indicated by the player. The range is from ten cents to five dollars per ticket. The goal of the game is to fill in as many winning patterns in the cards as possible. In the course of the game, winning numbers are marked in the tickets automatically. The minimum combination is one horizontal line. The maximum payout is due for a card in which all fifteen numbers are crossed out without buying additional balls.

How to play Electro Bingo? (Interface)

Next, briefly about the elements of the interface:

  • Credits – the money in the account.
  • Stake – set card value
  • Cards – choose the number of tickets
  • Total Bet – stake amount
  • Change Cards – to change cards
  • Play – start game
  • View Pays – to see payout table
  • Win – win
  • ? – help in a separate tab
  • Extra Ball – the cost of one more ball
  • Yes/No – buy/not buy extra ball

In the center of the screen there is a drum with balls. The field for the winning balls is just below. The cards are shown on either side of the drum. In the upper part is clearly shown the possible patterns on which the payouts are accrued. Near them are the odds of calculating the winnings. Download Electro Bingo does not need. Of the adjustments are available only to turn off the sound.

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