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Beat the Croupier online

With the review of the online game “Beat the Dealer” we start to acquaint the readers of the portal Casinoz with the incredibly interesting and original products of the company Yoyougaming. Most likely, you are not yet familiar with the models of this brand. But trust us, you need to test them if you like trivial gambling entertainment.

Play Beat the Croupier online

Beat the Croupier is a gambling game with classic six-sided dice. The sides of the dice are marked with dots from one to six. Three dice are used in this model. Your goal is to repeat the three-dice combination declared at the beginning of the round faster than the dealer.

You can play at an ante rate ranging from one to one hundred euros. Additional bets, such as Tie (for a 4:1 draw) and Clean Kill (for a 38:1 win with the first roll), are also available. They are accepted only if an ante is available, but their size may vary. The game starts with a selection of bets. Then comes the Target round. In it the virtual dealer rolls the dice. Dice rolled are duplicated in special windows from the player and the dealer.

Beat the Croupier game

Then the parties take turns rolling the dice. If one or more dice rolls a number from the combination declared in the opening round, they are marked on the panel of the participant who made the roll. The player and the dealer are entitled to three attempts. The user rolls the dice first, but if he collects a combination in the first or second round, the dealer will have the opportunity to make the same number of rolls.

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The winner is the one who first repeats the combination. The winnings are equal to the ante bet. A draw is declared if both sides have collected the right dice for the same number of moves. The ante is returned, and the additional bet, if there was one, is paid according to the established coefficient. We did not find any data on the theoretical payoff in Beat the Croupier.

How do I play Beat the Croupier? (Interface)

Below is an explanation of the English-language labels in the model interface:

  • Ante – field for main bet
  • Tie – the draw betting field
  • Clean Kill – the field for betting on the first throw to win
  • Player – player panel
  • Croupier – Croupier panel

To place a bet of the desired size, select a chip and place it on the field with the mouse click. Right on the layout of the table and on top of the main screen appear inscriptions explaining what is happening (betting tips, description of the round and so on).

If the round ends with a player’s victory, an informational splash screen appears with detailed data on the results. In the bottom left corner there is a round button with three bars. It opens a menu with sound settings, gameplay, reminders, and so on. There is also a window with statistics of the rounds.

You do not have to download the gamble Beat the Croupier, because it can be opened in your browser.

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